The Blanchette, together at the first SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology restaurant: a project signaling the beginning of a new era. It's in their office adjacent to the restaurant that they meet each day and collaborate to further their common projects.

From left to right: Vincent, André-François, Kimpton, Simon and David

  1. This is the project where the adventure begins. Two of the five Blanchette men buy a bankrupt convenience store and are eventually joined by two other members of the family. In 2017, the group decides to sell the business to focus on its other banners.

  2. The STAR CAFÉ was a café with a restaurant-style counter offering a fast food type menu. In 2012, the group decides to sell the business to concentrate their efforts on other major projects.

  3. A variation of the previous project, the STAR BAR was rather a restaurant-bar experience. Several years later, the group adds the STAR CLUB offering a dance floor leading to upbeat evenings of all kinds. In 2015, the STAR BAR makes way for a new forward-thinking concept.

  4. With the Little Frog, the group offers a live show bar catering to a larger audience. Party fans still go to their 16 locations to sing old hits out loud.

  5. The group, joined by 2 associates at the time, opens Thaïzone in 2007, one of the largest Thai fast food chains. In 2013, a restaurant giant owning its closest competitor approaches them to acquire the chain, fearing the competition. The group accepts the appealing offer, but remains owner of the first location still operating today at the La Pyramide mall, in Ste-Foy.

  6. Wishing to offer a healthy food counter, the group launches SaladShop in 2009. The banner is sold in 2016 to give the group the opportunity to concentrate their efforts on other projects.

  7. In 2011, the group and an associate take the plunge with an all-new adventure, Frit’s Burgers & Poutines. Their first restaurant in Ste-Foy’s La Pyramide mall then leads to a second restaurant in Beauport in 2017, others will follow in the coming years.

  8. Taking over the former location of the Mundial, a Ste-Foy bar that closed down, Portofino Italian Club opens its doors in 2013. An evolution of the original Portofino concept in Old Québec, the Ste-Foy location offers a cozy atmosphere, glamorous décor and delicious Italian inspiration cuisine.

  9. VAPOSHOP is first launched as a line of vaping liquid products. Quickly, the banner completes its offer with the opening of 3 locations.

  10. In 2015, the group updates the STAR BAR and presents SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology, offering tartares, cocktails and gourmet burgers, along with a number of promotions. Quickly expanding thanks to its immediate success, the banner with now 11 locations, is the only restaurant with these specialties.

  11. In 2015, the group and one of its associates create the first chocolat and ice cream bar that will be known as Chocolato. Led by the desire to imitate prestigious Italian chocolate factories, the concept spreads like wildfire with the establishment of 22 branches throughout the years. In 2019, Foodtastic acquires the brand and it’s with great pride that the group transfers the concept to watch It grow, not only outside of the province, but also in the United States. Despite this, the group retains ownership of the Sainte-Foy (Versant Nord) branch and the express kiosk located in the Pyramide, in Sainte-Foy and remains co-owner of the Gatineau (Promenades Gatineau) branch.

  12. With Mexicanos, the group diversifies its fast food restaurant offer with fresh, made to order cuisine. Located in Ste-Foy’s La Pyramide mall, Mexicanos attracts Mexican food lovers and fans of health food alike.

  13. Planète Nutrition, a food supplement store offering a wide selection of complementary products, is launched by the group and an associate in 2015. Now boasting 7 locations and a transactional Web site, Planète Nutrition is already positioning itself as one the main players in its field.

  14. The very first fast service counter specializing in tartares and poke bowls opens at La Pyramide mall in Ste-Foy. Garnering an immediate following of fans of healthy and tasty cuisine, TARTAR Station plans to open two new locations in the coming months.

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The Blanchette’s story: from dreamers to accomplished businessmen
Two visionary students

It all begins in 1995 as Vincent and André-François Blanchette, two cousins born in Sept-Îles, move to Québec City to study law and business administration, respectively. Both having been raised in an entrepreneurial environment (their grandfather and fathers were all businessmen), the two roommates dream, even as young children, of becoming the author of their own success story.

Bursting with grand ambitions, they seize a business opportunity to buy a bankrupt convenience store in 1996, seeing a golden opportunity to succeed. The two cohorts are far from knowing they are embarking on a very tumultuous venture, marked by unending weeks of the hardest work.

The family as backup

A year later, Simon, Vincent’s brother, comes to lend a hand in the family project. The threesome puts in very long hours and pursues constant efforts to get the business back on track, working day and night. In 2000, the arrival of David, Vincent and Simon’s younger brother, opens the road to new possibilities, leading to more business projects. And finally, in 2004, Kimpton, André-François’ brother, joins them to complete the family clan.

A close-knit team

Still today, the Blanchette’s greatest wealth remains working and collaborating together every day.They sit around a large table, in their communal office, and discuss and debate ideas always striving to raise the group to new heights.

With time, each member has organically made certain responsibilities their own. Like chain links, each Blanchette’s work is closely intertwined and indispensable to the others.

Discover their specialities!

Vincent Blanchette, Co-owner
Vincent Blanchette, Co-owner

At the helm of the company since the beginning, Vincent oversees principal operations, decisions and major moves in the group. A born dreamer and visionary, his keen marketing instincts bring about a marked success for the banner. His determination and ideas for greatness are at the root of all of the group’s projects.

André-François Blanchette, Co-owner
André-François Blanchette, Co-owner

At the helm of the company since the beginning, André-François oversees principal operations, decisions and major moves in the group. He is particularly involved in the financial aspects of the group, comfortably managing budgets and investments. His rational thinking makes him the best person to oversee operational procedures and the management of all banners.

Simon Blanchette, Co-owner
Simon Blanchette, Co-owner

Simon specializes in the real estate and construction aspects of the group. His indispensable work in terms of renovations, plans and specifications, as well as the maintenance plans for all banners makes him a considerable asset in any franchising and licensing process.

David Blanchette, Co-owner
David Blanchette, Co-owner

David has taken the Little Frog under his swing. The choice of location, operations management, assistance in the opening process, marketing and relations with franchisees are only a few of his principal responsibilities.

Kimpton Blanchette, Co-owner
Kimpton Blanchette, Co-owner

Kimpton sees to the image of the group’s largest banner, that is, SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology restaurant-bars. He actively participates in the research and development for the menu, operations management of the franchisor, market tests, events and marketing.

With the expansion of the group, the Blanchette family surrounds itself with the best to ensure they reach their goals.
Discover their trusted associates and experts!

Luc Beaumont, Co-owner, Business Development Director

Luc Beaumont

Co-owner, Business Development Director

Frederick Forcier, Co-owner, Operations & Constructions Director

Frederick Forcier

Co-owner, Operations & Constructions Director

Jean-David Forcier, Co-owner, Operations Director, Instructor

Jean-David Forcier

Co-owner, Operations Director, Instructor

Jérôme Landry, Co-owner, Managing Director

Jérôme Landry

Co-owner, Managing Director

Pierre-Antoine Morency, Co-owner

Pierre-Antoine Morency


Jean-Félix Bureau, Co-owner

Jean-Félix Bureau


Guyaume Arsenault, Co-owner

Guyaume Arsenault


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